With a career spanning 10 years, Fyahbwoy is considered to be the leading Spanish artist in dancehall and reggae, and an icon of independent music.

The story of Elan Swan “Fyahbwoy” began like other great stories, started unexpectedly. In 2004, he started singing in the intimacy of his car and back then no one would have ever imagined, not even himself, that a few short years later he would become the most popular dancehall artist in Spain. Record companies noticed Fyahbwoy, he decided to reject their offers and instead chose the route of being an independent artist. During a time that few people were familiar with the word “crowdfunding”, Fyahbwoy launched a system that allowed him to self-release his first album ‘Innadiflames’ (2009). That was the year in which he broke the record of national downloads, reaching 500,000 downloads in Spain.

After two years of intense touring where he performed in countries including Venezuela, Colombia and Zimbabwe, Fyahbwoy gave birth to his second album in 2012, entitled ‘Extremely Flammable’. Created between Spain and Jamaica, and again supported by his fans, ‘Extremely Flammable’ reached #1 on iTunes, Spain and today, it still remains in the top rankings. That record was a defining moment which solidified his musical career. Additionally, 90% of the concerts during his world tour were sold out.   Fyahbwoy continues making new music and launched his own label in Spain, La Tanda Records.