Fuel Fandango, Cristina Manjón (Nita) and Ale Acosta, is a duo from Spain that over the last decade has impacted the Spanish music scene with their signature fusion of traditional flamenco with modern beats. Their latest album “Origen” debuted at #1 on the Spanish charts and prior to the global pandemic the group was playing to sold-out audiences across Spain. Fuel Fandango has performed across Spain as well as in the U.S., the UK, France, Holland, China, Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, Bulgaria, Germany, Luxembourg, Algeria, Ukraine, India and Mozambique. Fuel Fandango currently are touring Spain with a pandemic-friendly “Solos Set” and have been releasing new singles as part of the upcoming “Romances” EP, an EP of collaborations with artists including Mala Rodriguez and Maria José Llergo.